Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard

The keyboard from Logitech, on market a couple of months, has everything to administer all the electronic gadgets around us. Tablets, notebooks, smartphones et. al. which are messing up cristmas. But with that keyboard you will domesticate them easy.

Only via Bluetooth you can pair up to three devices. So no Wifi neither Logitechs Unifying USB-Solution allows us to connect other devices than those which had Bluetooth and the profile HID present. In conjunction with that restriction it seems fairly enough to connect only up to three devices, isn’t it?

With three shortcuts on the keyboard you switch easily between the devices. Especially for Windows 8 it has some extras built-in. When it is not that brighten the keyboard’s backround illumination will help you to see the keys in the dark, too. But better to see that in the review video of cnet.

So, do you think that keyboard is worth around 80€? Maybe as an eve’s gift?

USB Typewriter

Two months until cristmas. Time to start thinking about what to give to the beloved nerd who had already everything? What about an oldfashioned typewriter let feel us as in grandpa’s times? Jack Zylkin does the job! The typewriters he is offering are not only plugable to computers, also they can be used with our tablets. And you can type with paper! Yes: Offline-Paper! Just watch the video. Don’t forget to turn up the volume to listen to the nice sound the typewriter does. Continue reading

Vodafone responds Movistar’s newest all-in-one offer with “Todo en Uno”

Vodafone Spain is responding the new All-In-One offer from Movistar with “Todo en Uno”. Like the Movistar company does, it is a bundle of a landline, cell phone and an internet connection. But as below explained, Vodafone offers to tariffs depending on what kind of cellphone rate one will choose.

The basic data in few words:

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