Movistar starts Fusión

Since this month, the Spanish Telefonica/Movistar is selling a fine combination for those of us who needs a landline, cell phone and an internet connection.

The basic data in few words:

– Landline: Unlimited calls to other spanish landlines and 550 minutes per month to spanish cell phones.

– Mobiles: 500 per month to spanish mobiles or landlines. Therefore we get rid of the annoying “establecimiento” of 15cents plus VAT per call, which is typically rising the costs of short calls. Aside, one will have one gigabyte of data amount for surfing the internet and an unlimited amount of sending SMS to Spanish mobiles.

– Internet flat-rate: Unlimited surfing the world wide web with DSL-speed up to 10 MB. But this is just a brutto value. Typically apart of the “big cities” named Valencia and Alicante, we will have just only 1 bis 3 MB netto.

The offering costs including the VAT 60,38€. Those who wants to add i. e. the mobile or change a contract, can benefit from this offer. Of course new customers as well.

Detailed information, Spanish only, on the Movistar website -> Fusión

For more informations, please call me.

PS: Vodafone will strike-back this offer of Movistar this week, following rumours in the internet. I will keep you informed.

This post is also available in Deutsch.

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