Vodafone responds Movistar’s newest all-in-one offer with “Todo en Uno”

Vodafone Spain is responding the new All-In-One offer from Movistar with “Todo en Uno”. Like the Movistar company does, it is a bundle of a landline, cell phone and an internet connection. But as below explained, Vodafone offers to tariffs depending on what kind of cellphone rate one will choose.

The basic data in few words:

– Landline: 3.000 minutes per month to other Spanish fix numbers. 350 minutes per month on every Spanish cellphone, but on weekends and holidays only. Additionally 1.000 minutes per year (yes! Not monthly.) on other Spanish Vodafone Mobiles.

– Mobile:

Tariff @L: 750 minutes on every Spanisch cellphone or landlines without the cost rising “establecimiento”. Unlimited sending of text messages, mobile internet access up to 750MB and three numbers “VIPS” are completing this scale.

Tariff @XS: Only 150 minutes per month are allowed and the mobile internet use is limited to a small amount of only 150MB per month. Free text messages: Nothing to find of that.

– Internet flat-rate: Unlimited via ADSL up to 20MB.

Tariff @L will cost monthly 60,50€ and @XS 48,40€, pricing includes the VAT. New customers will benefit from these tariffs. But those who had a contract with Vodafone Spain (Mobile or ADSL) are allowed to change only if their contract has a rest duration less than six months.

More detailed information are on Vodafone Spanien; spanish only.

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