10 Years Computer Service at the Costa Blanca!

Robert von Herz PorträtSince more than 10 years I, Robert von Herz, am offering, Computer Services at the Costa Blanca covering the area between Valencia and Alicante. Before the move to Spain, I was employed many years in the IT industry (including software development and system administration) in Germany and trained as a CCI-certified specialist in cooperation with Siemens Business Services GmbH.

Priorities of the computer service are:

  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of laptops / notebooks and desktop computers, tablets and smartphones (Android, Apple, Windows).
  • Restoration and reopening of unbootable computers.
  • Data backup and data recovery even from damaged hard drives depending on their physical condition.
  • Removing malware (trojans, viruses, Scream goods).
  • Organization and start-up of internet and telephone connections as well as the access to the internet of computers, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Individual training and instruction in the use of laptops / notebooks and desktop computers, tablets and smartphones (Android, Apple, Windows).
  • Compilation and assembly of desktop computers according to your wishes and needs arising from in-depth consultation. Of course, in German language!
  • Independent advice for purchases or services of all kinds in the computer field.
  • and lots of more! Call me without obligation! Mobile 628 614 812 or landline number 966 474 822.

Pricing: The first hour is 35€ for Individuals. Thereafter, each additional half hour of 15€. Companies and self-employed: prices on request. The Call out depends on kilometers to drive.

To Companies and Self-Employed, I offer a particular emphasis on programming and design, commissioning and maintenance and management of multilingual websites as well as the occurrence of social networks as well in search engines (SEO).

Please call for a free, no obligation talk with other not mentioned questions and problems to: 628 614 812 or 966 474 822.

Best regards, Robert von Herz